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More Information for Investors and Partners

Company provides services for managing company shares and financing. Service works as an entity with a group of services. Customer may choose the desired combination from the following:

  • Share Register – service for maintaining shares
  • Emission Services – obtaining equity financing via public issue
  • Other share management services according to a separate agreement works in a group of investment bank Aalto Capital.


Obligation for managing company shares diligently is regulated by the Finnish Companies Act. Share management may cause significant problems for a company, event at the CFO level. At worst case the company share register is inconsistent.

Legal development of the dividend payments, taxation, tax withholdings and auditing causes increasing pressure for diligent management of the company share register. provide the most effortless way to take care of the legal obligations. provides technologically advanced solutions for managing share registers, dividend payments and obligations associated with them.

Contact Information

More information for potential investors and partners is provided by:

Ari Tamminen
Tel. +358 50 353 2323